Vintage suitcases transformed into Hifi bluetooh speaker soundsystem

Sonic Case are beautiful vintage suitcases transformed into Hifi bluetooh speaker soundsystem, hand made's in Barcelona and totally personalized at the customer's request
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About SonicCase
Sonic Case was born in Barcelona, Spain, by talented designer Joan Marin. Inspired by music and vintage suitcase design, Joan has decided to make a handcrafted portable sound systems. Simply plug your phone, iPhone, computer etc. into the SonicCase AUX, USB ports or connect via bluetooh and enjoy your music anywhere with a great sound.
Why Sonic Case is "something we want right now"?
Beautiful vintage suitcases from antique stores and markets has never been so cool. While the outside of Sonic Case are vintage, the speakers and components inside are brand-new.
Anything with a headphone jack or bluetooh can be used to play music via SonicCase. You would be amazed with the indredible sound.
For those who wants to add some charm to the interior design, roof or beach party would appreciate it. It's a way to make music more portable than a truck.
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